CSC Karate Team Shines at Junior International Cup and USA OPEN Karate Championship in Las Vegas

In an exhilarating display of skill, determination, and spirit, the CSC Karate Team recently made waves at the highly anticipated Junior International Cup and USA OPEN Karate Championship held from April 4th to 9th, 2023, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. With a contingent of 23 talented athletes, the team emerged triumphant in various divisions, leaving a lasting mark on the prestigious event.

The CSC Karate Team achieved remarkable success, with many athletes standing out in their respective divisions. Their triumphs served as a testament to their hard work and exceptional skill.

In the Junior International Cup, a platform that celebrates emerging karate talent, several CSC athletes dominated their categories. Among the notable winners were:

On the 1st day of the tournament (JIC 2023)

  • Hakob Yesayan won 1st place 8-9 years old boys advanced Kata (forms) and Kumite (fight).
  • Arthur Hayrapetyan won 1st place 8-9 years old boys beginner division.
  • Bella Abgaryan won 2nd place 8-9years old girls bigger division and 1st in Kumite division.
  • Ani Margaryan won 1st place in 10-11 years old girls Advanced Kumite division.
  • Alex Kaladzyan won 2nd place in 10-11 years old boys Kata division.
  • Vache Davtyan won 1st place Kumite and Kata.
  • Hayk Margaryan won 3rd place in Kata.
  • Spartak Avetisyan won 2nd place in Kumite.
  • Gor Alekyan won 1st place in Kumite.
  • Davit Dolinyan won 1st place in Kumite.

On the 2nd day of tournament USA OPEN 2023

  • In Kata divisions
  • Ani Margaryan won 3rd place.
  • Alex Kaladzyan won 3rd place.

And the final day of USA OPEN 2023

  • Sunday in Kumite divisions
  • Ani Margaryan won 1st place.
  • Gor Alekyan won 1st place.
  • Hayk Abgaryan won 1st place.
  • Ella Melkumyan won 2nd place.
  • Hakob Yesayan won 2nd place.
  • Hayk Margaryan won 3rd place.
  • Daniel Mirzakhanyan won 3rd place.
  • Mike Ayvazyan won 3rd place.
  • Bella Abgaryan won 3rd place.
  • Davit Dolinyan won 4th place.

The victories achieved by the CSC Karate Team are a testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment of the athletes, their coaches, and the entire support staff. Special thanks to our karate head coach (sensei) Zaven Hayrapetyan and assistant coach (sensei) Sergey Dallakyan, who with their expertise and dedication, were able to help the team achieve such strong successes.

The athletes’ achievements at the Junior International Cup and USA Open Karate Championship not only bring glory to the CSC Karate Team but also inspire aspiring young karate athletes in our community as well as worldwide.

The Junior International Cup and USA Open Karate Championship were truly defining moments for the CSC Karate Team.  Our team did a great job at the competitions and gained total of 23 medals. We cherish the success of our CSC Karate Team and wish them more glorious victories in the upcoming competitions!

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